Lecture: ‘The Relevance of Catholic Social Thought for Contemporary Challenges in the Economy’

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Tilburg University, Tilburg

Annual lecture Christiany & Society: ‘Relevance of Catholic social thought for contemporary challenges in the economy’

Every year, Tilburg School of Catholic Theology organizes an annual lecture, addressing a theme at the crossroads of Christianity and Society. The lecture marks the content of the Master’s Program Christianity and Society. The program focusses on the question how Christianity influences law, politics, economics, modern art, science, and world religions.

Professor Luigino Bruni, professor in Micro Economics and History of Economic Thought at Lumsa Universitá in Rome, will deliver this year’s Annual Lecture. Bruni is known for his writings and lectures on economy and theology, including The Wound and the Blessing (New City Press 2012). With Stefano Zamagni he authored Civil Economy(Agenda Publishing 2016). His books have been translated in several languages, including in Dutch De ongekende kant van de economie (Uitg. Nieuwe Stad 2015), with Alessandra Smerilli.

Previous keynote speakers were Godfried Cardinal Danneels, Prof. dr. Ernst Hirsch Ballin, René Grotenhuis, Willem Cardinal Eijk, Tomáš Halík and Kieran Flanagan.

You can already apply for the Annual Lecture. Admission is free.