The Organisation

Michiel de Wilde - Goldschmeding Foundation

Michiel de WildeMBA

  • Director

"A wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the power of value-driven and strategic philanthropy: The support of system innovations that benefit future generations, shored by scientific research."

Toos Bongers - Goldschmeding Foundation

Toos Bongers

  • Secretariat board

"Building on my years of experience at Randstad Holding and working for Frits Goldschmeding, it’s great to be able to contribute to the Goldschmeding Foundation."

Dietske Bedeaux - Goldschmeding Foundation

drs.Dietske Bedeaux

  • Community manager

"The Goldschmeding Foundation strives for an economy of love with values such as trust and openness. It’s an honor to participate in this new future!"

Ruben van Zwieten - Goldschmeding Foundation

MA MThRuben van Zwieten LL.B.

  • Consultant

"In a world adrift, compassion towards fellow people is desperately needed. Noblesse oblige."

Jacqueline Kraft van Ermel - organisatie Goldschmeding Foundation

Jacqueline C. Kraft van Ermel

  • Secretariat management

"It feels good to contribute to the ideas of the Goldschmeding Foundation."

Martijn Roos - Goldschmeding Foundation

Martijn RoosLL.M.

  • Secretary Board of Trustees

"When I can do something for someone else I feel at my best. That’s why I support the initiative of the Goldschmeding Foundation."

Frank van der Duijn Schouten - Organisatie Goldschmeding Foundation

Prof. Dr.Frank van den Duyn Schouten

  • Supervisor

"Whilst the focus of academic research is almost exclusively driven by the current state of art, the Goldschmeding foundation offers the opportunity to translate this to society."

Helen Toxopeus - Goldschmeding Foundation

drs.Helen Toxopeus

  • Supervisor

"It’s an honour to get the opportunity to work with GF because the foundation contributes to long-term societal development in an intelligent way and tries to bridge the gap between science and practice."

Leen Paape - Organisatie Goldschmeding Foundation

Prof. Dr.Leen Pape

  • Supervisor

“The combination of theory and practice, and the subsequent creation of new insights which can help to build a better society: is there anything more beautiful than that?”

Wim Janse - organisatie Goldschmeding Foundation

Prof. Dr.Wim Janse

  • Supervisor

“In today’s world we need leaders who are able to see issues from multiple perspectives, are motivated by love, and inspire trust. I fully support the Goldschmeding Foundation’s contribution to this type of leadership.”