Homo Amans: towards a relational anthropology fostering an economics of human flourishing

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6 June 2019 t/m 7 June 2019
Vredespaleis in Den Haag

Het Institute of Leadership & Social Ethics van de Evangelische Theologische Faculteit Leuven organiseert begin juni de besloten conferentie Homo Amans: towards a relational anthropology fostering an economics of human flourishing. Het project Homo Amans richt zich op de vraag welk mensbeeld nodig is voor de omslag naar een inclusieve en duurzame samenleving. Dit is de Engelstalige beschrijving van de conferentie:

Amidst the many environmental and societal problems that our world is facing today, there is growing awareness and recognition in both academia and society that economics should aim to foster human well-being. But if so, why is the dominant approach to human behavior in contemporary economics still that of homo economicus – an ego-driven being pursuing wealth only for his own self-interest?

Supported by the Goldschmeding Foundation, a two-day international symposium is organized by the Institute of Leadership and Social Ethics to address this question, exploring an alternative anthropological paradigm called homo amans – a relational being driven by the universal traits of faith, hope, and love.

The symposium hosts several international keynote lecturers and respondents, aiming to engage around 40 scholars representing various academic disciplines in both the humanities and natural sciences to discuss the status and future study of relational anthropology in contemporary economics.