Conference ‘The Finance – State – Society Triangle in Europe

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Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

The Finance – State – Society Triangle: The past and the next forty years

The financial crisis was not caused by the financial sector alone. This crisis, or rather our current situation, is the outcome of a process that was fuelled also by the state and by society as a whole. All three actors have changed and they have changed each other, in one single and ongoing process of complex transformation. The one concept to label this transformation is financialization. This process in turn is deeply connected to other far-reaching and accelerating changes, such as globalization, digitalization and virtualization.

International conference 23 January at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

The purpose of the conference is to promote an informed conversation on the possibilities for a triangle arrangement finance-society-state at the European level. Underlying is a twofold premise:

  • Change in the financial system cannot be decreed or enacted by any one of the concerned stakeholders of the triangle, but can only be the outcome of agreements and commitments by the collective of these decisive stakeholders reached at in an ongoing conversation in which they generate a shared purpose;
  • The optimal geographic scale to start this conversation is the old Rhineland’s Europe, i.e. Benelux, France, Germany and Austria.

The question that will guide the international conference is the following:

>> Is it useful (deemed possible, realistic, feasible) to explore the perspectives for a proper European arrangement between the financial sector, state and society? <<

The conference will be moderated by Jan Peter Balkenende. Herman Van Rompuy, Martin Hellwig, Steven Vanackere, Wouter Bos (t.b.c.), Barbara Baarsma and others will deliver speeches. The full program for the day can be found here.

This conference is hosted by VU—Goldschmeding Chair and organized by Socires in co-operation with Moral Markets, Templeton World Charity Foundation. The conference report will be published by Amsterdam University Press.